MakerSpace – 3D Printing through 3Doodler Pens

Shelly Weckwerth from Eagle Lake Elementary School was awarded a $1,000 mini grant to develop a MakerSpace for her students. Her vision is to incorporate 3D Printing through 3Doodler Pens (Edu Bundle) to introduce STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, and math) concepts and creative learning/problem solving to elementary students (K-5). The MakerSpace at Eagle Lake Elementary is a former computer lab space that has been re-imagined to allow exploration in STEAM/STEM concepts as it applies to curriculum. For example, the MakerSpace would allow students to test their theories or try experiments or delve deeper into specific content.  It also allows for new types of learning (e.g. coding, programming) and building off of curricular concepts in a hands-on way. A MakerSpace provides opportunities within our school buildings to allow for experiential learning during any point of the school day.

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