President Roosevelt at Roosevelt Elementary

Marcy Koch, Elementary Counselor at Roosevelt Elementary School, wrote an Educare Ed Waltman mini grant to bring in a featured speaker in character, President Theodore Roosevelt. Marcy’s goal was for President Roosevelt to spend 5-10 minutes addressing the entire student body with 2-3 key messages that have guided his leadership and contributed to his success.  In addition, President Roosevelt will spend approximately 30 minutes with each grade level reinforcing these key messages, teaching students about his life and legacy, and answering student questions. February was chosen very purposefully, as it is the Month of the Presidents.

The impersonator is Adam Lindquist.  He is a living history speaker and educator who is nationally known for his work for portraying the 26th President, Theodore Roosevelt.  His uncanny resemblance and ability to bring Roosevelt to life has earned him national reenactment titles in 2011, 2012 and 2013 and is the only person to ever receive a perfect score in the competition’s 35 year history.  His favorite work is with school children, where each year he educates over 20,000 students on the accomplishments of Theodore Roosevelt.

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