Board of Directors

Interested in joining the Educare Foundation Board of Directors?

The Educare Foundation is seeking new board members! Are you passionate about supporting District 77 teachers’ innovative learning initiatives? Do you love event planning and connecting with donors? We’d love to talk to you! Complete this form and someone from the Board of Directors will be in touch!


Educare Board Members

Jamison Peterson – Chair
Sherri Blasing – School Liaison
Darren Blue – Chair Structure Committee
Kyena Cornelius – Grants Committee Chair
Jean Farrow
Jeffrey Grace
Sarah Heath – Spring Benefit Chair, Secretary
Gretchen Rehm
Jody Rittmiller – School Liaison
Dan Sarff – Finance Committee Chair
Brandon Thiesse – Donor Relations & Fundraising Chair
Macy Anderson
Wendy Webber
Melissa Williams – Nominations/Structure Chair
Marie Krause -Marketing Committee Chair
Carolyn Nelson
Kari Juni
Mark Ulman
Andy Stavast
Susan Klenk
Becky Bailey
Brad Boettcher
Jamie Aaneson

School District Liaison

Paul Peterson, Superintendent

Support Services

Marni Moule, Mankato Area Public Schools