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Interested in joining the Educare Foundation Board of Directors?

The Educare Foundation is seeking new board members! Are you passionate about supporting District 77 teachers’ innovative learning initiatives? Do you love event planning and connecting with donors? We’d love to talk to you! Complete this form and someone from the Board of Directors will be in touch!


Educare is a non-profit, public corporation whose purpose is to provide financial support to District 77 schools in order to promote permanent curriculum improvement. Educare seeks to enhance educational opportunities through new and unique delivery of education in the areas of technology aided learning, core subject tutoring, world language competency and high expectation learning programs.


Terms of office shall be three (3) years. Board members may serve no more than two (2) consecutive three (3) year terms. A member who has served two (2) consecutive full terms is eligible for reappointment following at least one year of absence from board membership.


A person who will provide volunteer time, leadership and willingness to uphold a position of public trust.


Grants Committee
Review grant requests and recommend award of Ed Waltman Mini Grants (quarterly), and Educator Initiative Grants (annually).

Finance Committee
Review financials and recommend movement of operating funds to endowment; Monitor adherence to the investment policy.

Event Committee
Plan and execute an annual Event. Committee members are needed to organize and facilitate hole sponsorships, team sign up, punch wall and silent auction activities.

Marketing Committee
Develop and implement marketing and communications plan; build awareness and generate new opportunities for giving. Assist in Social Media and Photos/Media for grants funded.

Nomination/Structure Committee
Identify, cultivate and enlist new Board members. Ensure the required 13 members are actively participating. Welcoming/Onboarding to Board.