Educator Initiative Grants

Educare Foundation funds Educator Initiative Grants on an annual basis. 

The deadline for the Educator Initiative Grant Application for the 2023-24 school year will be February 2, 2024. Apply for an Educator Initiative Grant.

Educator Initiative Grant Schedule 2023-2024
Application Due Date March 1, 2024
Committee Review No later than:  March 12, 2024
Board Approval March 19, 2024
School Board Presentation Option 1: May 6, 2024 | Option 2: May 20, 2024
Award Notification Option 1: May 7, 2024 | Option 2: May 21, 2024

Initiative Grants 2023

  • Earth Science Visual Planetarium Dome Project – The project will involve the installation of a GeoDome Globe in the space before you enter the planetarium. The impact would reach all ninth grade students at Mankato East as well as District 77 elementary-aged students and West High School during visits. It would be utilized for after hour shows and specific public shows. 15,000+ students and people in the Mankato area.
  • The Indi Robot Initiative – Sphero Indi Learning Robot will help our youngest learners, explore the world of coding using colors and block coding. Students at this young age can start using this robot to learn and understand the block coding in the simplest form. Students k-5 at Franklin Elementary will be taught the fundamentals of computational thinking and the principles of computer science.
  • Tchouckball equipment – Tchouckball combines team handball and basketball. Pronounced “chuke-ball” it aligns with SHAPE America National Standards for Physical Education guidelines. Players throw the ball at the rebounding frames and the opposing team must catch it without it hitting the ground. This equipment will provide an additional activity to teach catching, throwing, moving in open space, while allowing students to work cooperatively in a game while getting their heart rate up! The equipment would be implemented into our school immediately and would impact our 300+ students at Roosevelt Elementary.
  • Adventure ED – students with unique needs (SUN) to introduce students to outdoor adventures and experiences to foster confidence and stepping out of their comfort zone. These tents, sleeping bags, and outdoor equipment will help foster team building and generalize daily living skills and interdepended.
  • Podcasting in the Classroom for the agriculture department at East & West High Schools – Working in collaboration with the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Agricultural Communications Department to develop a supplies list and will partner with them for staff professional development and guest speakers. Through our conversations with them, we will engage our students in the production cycle, including gaining information, networking, and eventually sharing the information. Students would be able to plan, record, and edit podcasts relating to agricultural topics. The agriculture department sees around 350 students each year and with this project, we would be able to utilize it in almost every class.

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Apply for an Educator Initiative Grant.