Quarter Two 2023 – GRANT SPOTLIGHT

Grant Spotlight

Prairie Winds Middle School: Microsoft Micro:bits

Students are tasked with employing sensors and actuators creatively to construct systems that engage with their surroundings. Through algorithm design and computational thinking, they program microcontrollers to execute diverse real-world functions. This unit enhances students’ grasp of computer science principles by applying them in practical contexts. Working in teams, students choose and address personally meaningful challenges concerning wearable technology, interactive art, or mechanical devices. 

Grants Awarded

  • Prairie Winds Middle School: Wacom Drawing Tablets- Art
  • Dakota Meadows Middle School: Wacom Drawing Tablets- Art
  • Kennedy Elementary School: Minis Learning – Pre K- 5th
  • East High School: Arts & Lits Class
  • Prairie Winds Middle School: Microsoft Micro:Bits- 7th Grade
  • Franklin Elementary School: Magnetic Boards & Letters – 2nd Grade

2nd graders ENGAGED in phonics instruction with their magnetic boards and letters

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